Best Methods to Block Spam Call on Galaxy A33

You can now use your smartphone to make, receive, and to block spam calls. Finding a tutorial about how to block spam call on Galaxy A33 5G is what you need when you think that there are some annoying numbers you can block by adding the numbers on the blacklist.

Here is the best method to block the spam callers on your Samsung Galaxy A33:

Using a standard dialer

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is similar to other models based on Android. The device comes out with an app Phone. If you want to block the numbers of spammers and other annoying callers, you can follow the instruction below to block the contact to the blacklist:

  • Head to the app “Phone”
  • Open the contact list
  • Open the contact that you want to add to the blocklist
  • Fin the three dots and then tap on Add to blocklist.
  • Once you completed and confirmed the points, you will not see the caller’s contact on the screen of your device anymore. If a contact has not been in the contact book before, the contact is possible on the blacklist from the call logs.

Special app

The issue of annoying calls is possible to solve not only from the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G’s settings, but you can also solve it by using the additional application. It is from the third-party developer and it works by blocking unwanted callers from the blacklist and it works just like a standard dialer.

If you want to use this method, you can go to Play Store and then download the Call blocker app. it works to get rid of annoying callers. You can add the number to the blacklist from the call log or enter the contact information.

Additionally, there are some other similar applications. For instance, you can use an app Pick up the Phone. This application works with the same function that can block any unwanted calls.

Find blacklist service

In the list of the device’s service of almost each operator, you can find and then use Black List. This option works for the standard dialer and it has a special app to block any unwanted calls. At the same time of using this option, it works by using subscription free. If there are no other options left, there is no way out to try.


Block spam call on Galaxy A33 for the next method is by using messenger. Even though you have blocked a person from the previous ways, but this person can contact or talk to you in other methods. For instance, on WhatApp, Viber, or Telegram if the messenger has connected to the same phone number.

It is simple to fix this matter. You can block this person from your messenger. To do so, click on the right button in the chat with an unwanted user. This chat will appear when you got the first message from the person.

If the device does not display the function Block on the screen, then you have to press the three dots button and choose the similar item. This function works for other messengers such as Telegram or Viber.

That’s all the tutorial about how to block spam call on Galaxy A33. Hopefully, this tutorial is helpful!

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