Complete Tutorial on Factory Reset Galaxy A33

Factory reset Galaxy A33 could be the last way to choose when you think that your device works very slowly. Sometimes it hangs and you want to bypass the screen lock or when your device has a full memory to erase everything.

Performing a factory reset on your device is also a good choice when you want to sell or give the device without letting anybody access your files and passwords. By performing the factory reset, it makes your device like the first day of using it, clean, with no files, and no saved passwords.

Factory reset galaxy A33

We are going to show you how to factory reset Galaxy A33 from the following steps. Here, doing this action means that you will erase all information inside your device and make it completely clean just like the first time your device came out of the store.

Before performing a factory reset, you should delete all accounts on this device, and please unlink it from the Google account if you would like to sell, donate, or give it away. This is very important to prevent any issues for the new user since there are more modern devices that come with Factory Reset Protection that needs the same Google Account.

Remember, reset or return the device to the factory state means you will delete all the content. Therefore, you have to backup all data before doing it so you will not lose everything. Here is the best method to reset a Samsung Galaxy A33 using the mobile options. It only needs five minutes to perform this task:

What to do?

  • Access the Settings menu of your device with the gear icon. You can find it on the home screen, otherwise swipe up from the bottom of the device’s screen and you will see it.
  • Scroll down your device Settings to the bottom. There, you can find “About phone”, tap on it.
  • Click on “Advanced” to display the Advanced options of your device. Scroll down and find “Looking for something else?” so you can click on Reset.
  • To reset your device, you will get several choices. The first is “Reset Settings” which will reset the default setting. But, you have to choose “Factory Data Reset” and tap on it to continue. This method will help you remove all content from the device.
  • You will get a list of all data that your device will try to remove and the list of the applications that will be removed or uninstalled. Scroll it down and find the “Reset” button. Tap on it to perform the task.
  • If necessary, draw your screen unlock pattern, or enter the password or the PIN.
  • You will get the second confirmation message that indicates all information and applications on your device will be erased, and you cannot underdo this action. Tap on “Delete all” if you agree.
  • Your device will restart so you need to wait for several minutes.

That is the complete method on how to factory reset Galaxy A33. You can try it and make a backup first if you do not want to lose some important files and documents.

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