Best Hacks to Fix Slow Internet Connection on Galaxy A33

We will show you how to fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A33. This is a common issue and most of the time it is not something serious to deal with. Slow internet issues happen because of minor problems with your device or the network. You can fix the problem by completing a few basic troubleshooting steps.

Method 1 – disable WiFi

The first troubleshooting method to solve the slow internet connection on your device is to disable the WiFi and activate it for a few seconds. By doing this method it will force Galaxy A33 to reconnect to the available network. Here are the steps to disable the WiFi connection on your Galaxy A33:

  • Swipe down start from the top of your device’s screen to pull down the notification panel.
  • Tap on the WiFi icon to disable it.
  • Wait for a few seconds, and then tap on it again to activate the WiFi.

Wait for your device to reconnect to the network automatically and then see if the device’s slow internet is still a problem, then you should try the next method.

Fix slow internet connection on galaxy A33 by restarting devices

The next method to fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A33 is to restart the devices to refresh memory from the router. To do so, unplug the router from this power source and leave it without power for several minutes. Next, restart your Galaxy A33.

Press and then hold the power keys for about 8 seconds and then wait for it to boot up again. After that, release the keys. Once you have seen the Samsung logo, it means both devices have completed rebooting, you can try to see Galaxy A33 slow internet connection is still a problem.

Method 3 – Delete the connection

Delete the available connection and then let the Galaxy A33 for a few seconds. Start reconnecting your device by following the steps below:

  • Swipe down from the top of your device’s screen. Pull the notification panel down.
  • Tap and then hold on to the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Tap on the gear icon.
  • Find forget at the bottom right corner of your device’s screen to remove the network.
  • Continue by reconnecting to the network.

Now, you can check to see whether you fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A33 or if the problem is still happening.

Method 4 – Reset network settings

If the problem is still occurring, you need to reset the network setting of your device. Here is the complete tutorial to fix it:

  • Choose the Settings icon from your device’s home screen.
  • Tap on the General Management.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Tap on Reset Network.
  • Continue by choosing Reset Settings.
  • Tap on Confirm

Reconnect to your device’s network and then check to see whether the problem has been fixed or not.

If you have tried the methods above, and the problem is still there, you have to fix slow internet connection on Galaxy A33 by factory reset.

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