How to Reset Apps on Galaxy A33 5G Restore Default

This post will guide you on how to reset apps on Galaxy A33 5G smartphone without letting you lose any user information. Here is a quick way to reset all settings on this device.

When the recent settings changes, sometimes your device has experienced some conflicts so you have to revert it to the default settings. Your device may show the conflicts after you just customized some features or altered the device to the default system settings.

If you want to restore to the default options and system settings, it is possible to reset all configurations on your device. Keep scrolling and then read further detailed instructions.

One UI 4 reset settings

When you are powering a new device at first, it always comes with an uncluttered interface. Also, the overall performance is smooth. A few months later, this performance can change.

As your Galaxy A33 5G is getting older, there will be more and more problems would happen. Since you have added more content and more apps, then the storage is shrinking. Therefore, you can use different reset options for a fresh start.

In modern Android devices, including Samsung Galaxy A33, there are various reset options for the users to tap on when things become knotty after altering or customizing the original options.

In-built reset commands on Galaxy A33, you can find some reset menus such as reset network settings, reset all settings, reset accessibility settings, and also factory data reset.

Tutorial to reset all apps on galaxy A33 5G

By performing the tutorial on how to reset apps on Galaxy A33 from the steps below, it will delete the custom settings on your device including the recent network settings. App preferences, app permissions, and DND settings. Default apps and ringtone apps will be discarded as well. Performing this task will also retain the other system app configuration and user data.

These steps are easy to do when you want to reset all settings on your Samsung devices, or other models as long as using the One UI version just like Galaxy A33. Before starting this performance, please charge your battery so it is enough, at least 50% of battery life.

What makes it different from factory reset or factory data reset, this action will not affect your data and settings of the download applications. Therefore, it is a safe solution without losing important documents. What you need to do is to follow the steps when you are all set to reset settings.

  • Go to the home screen of Samsung Galaxy A33. After that, you can tap on the Settings and launch the Settings app.
  • Open the Settings menu. To continue, find and then tap on the General Management.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and then tap Reset to continue. You can load the different reset on the next screen display.
  • Select reset all settings
  • Read the details and then continue by tapping on Reset Settings. If necessary, enter your password, pattern, or PIN to proceed.
  • You will get the final warning, and tap on Reset to continue.

By doing this, your device will start deleting the recent custom configurations and it will automatically reboot to apply the new settings. It will use the factory default settings and it is an effective solution to reset apps on Galaxy A33.

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