Best Method to Take A Screenshot on Galaxy A33

Taking a screenshot on Galaxy A33 is one of the important methods you need to know. It is because, at this time, people need to take screenshots to grab an image that appears on their device’s screen. Of course, there are some applications to perform this function, but if you using Galaxy A33, then you are lucky. You don’t even need to install any third-party applications to perform a screenshot.

Galaxy A33 came out with the presence of this built-in feature. It is because the company used Android 12, UI 4.1 operating system. Since this device supports you taking a screenshot, it means that you can grab any WhatsApp conversation, Instagram story, Tinder, Facebook photo, or even a video frame, and then you can save the screenshots automatically on your Samsung device.

Simple steps to take a screenshot on galaxy A33

If you want to take a screenshot on Galaxy A33 5G, here are the simple steps to follow. Well, it only takes 2 minutes to proceed.

  • Make sure that you go to the screen to start taking a screenshot. It can be a web page, a chat, or an application.
  • In this step, you can try two methods to take a screenshot. First, you can use the native method of this Android device. To do so, press the power key and then the volume key down at the same time. Otherwise, you can use Samsung’s system. Start by sliding the side of the palm across the device’s screen, do this from the right side to the left side, or vice versa. You will see a flash which means that the device starts capturing the screenshot you want. This method is not always available, so make sure that your device has the version of the compatible software. Please note that to take this screenshot using the gesture, activate it first from the settings. Open “Settings” tap on “Advanced functions” and activate the feature “Move palm to capture”.
  • The screenshot on Galaxy A33 will be saved automatically in the gallery of your mobile phone. You will find the image gallery on your device’s home screen. It can be Google Photos or a photo icon. Well, it depends on the version of the installed software on your device.
  • Open the image gallery, and you will see the images and photos sorted by date. Tap on the capture that you made on your device. You can edit, trim, or then send the captured images to your contacts by using the social network you want.

The second method

Fortunately, Galaxy A33 5G has another way how to take a screenshot using this device. Here are the complete instructions you can follow:

  • Head to the screen or application that you need to capture the screen on your device.
  • Open the notification bar or the quick setting bar of your device by sliding your finger. Do this step from the top of the screen down and then you have to press the icon “Screenshot”.
  • Your device will capture the image and then save it automatically in the gallery. After that, head to the home screen to find the image gallery.

That is the complete tutorial on how to take a screenshot on Galaxy A33. Do you think that this tutorial is useful?

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