Quick Method to Split Screen on Galaxy A33

Samsung Galaxy A33 hits the market with some useful features to let you do many tasks without any problem. Samsung supports it with a screen display the size 6.4-inch and it goes with Super AMOLED and the resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels. Even better, you can try the device to run two different applications at the same time. If you want to use this feature, you need to know how to split the screen on Galaxy A33.

In this tutorial, you will get complete information on how to do multiple tasks on one screen just like browsing Google while listening to music on YouTube. Split-screen is also a popular name for Multi Window.

How to split screen on Galaxy A33

Follow the instructions below if you want to activate multi Window on your device, Samsung Galaxy A33:

  • Choose the recent apps key.
  • The next thing to do is to choose the desired application icon. After that, you can choose Open in the split-screen view.
  • Head to and choose the second app.

Now, you can use the split screen on Galaxy A33. There are two different apps on your device’s screen right now. The top is the first and the bottom is the second app. Additionally, you will see an app with a blue line as the indication of the active app.

What you need to do is choose and then drag the blue line as the divider in the middle of your device’s screen down to the bottom. Or, you can drag it up to the bottom of the screen, depending on the application that you want to open completely to disable the split-screen on Samsung Galaxy A33.

How to exit split screen

If you have done with your two different applications, you can exit the split-screen or the multi Window by pressing on the Home Key.

How to use picture-in-picture

Can you use Picture-in-Picture mode on Samsung Galaxy A33? Well, this feature belongs to iPhone devices. But, you still can use it on your Samsung devices. If you want to do it, then tap on the Home Key first while using maps or while watching any video on the full-screen mode.

After that, the app will show as a Picture-in-Picture window in the corner of the device’s screen. Even better, you can choose and then drag the selected window. This way will make your device automatically display Picture-and-Picture on the select applications. If you want to check the applications with Picture-in-Picture, simply swipe down from your screen to the Notification bar. After that, you can go to the Settings icon and find Menu Icon. The next thing to do is to find Special Access and tap on Picture-in-Picture.

That is the complete information about how to split screen on Galaxy A33. Now, you can use the device with multiple tasks to make your daily activity feels better than ever. Have you tried Samsung Galaxy A33 with the split-screen feature? What do you think, is it helpful for you?

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